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Welcome to our provider listing area! This area is organized by listing type and can be navigated by selecting your listing type below in the shaded boxes area below, e.g. addiction professionals. Once the type is selected, a page of listing levels will appear. Pricing of levels is determined by the level you select with each level having different features. A sample of each level for each listing type is provided to assist you in choosing the correct level that will fit your marketing objectives and budget. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. If you have multiple facilities, please ask us about our group page which has many of the same benefits of the Featured Listing. We would welcome the opportunity to prepare a proposal tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Note: Each Listing Level has a Summary View and a Detail Page view. Your listing will appear in the Summary View when a search is conducted from the Search Page or Advanced Search Page that contains your Listing Type or Categories that you have selected.

If you would like help setting up your listing we would be happy to help (no charge). All new listings will be reviewed and checked for errors before being released to an Active status. We also will provide free SEO guidance for all listings.

Attention: Please use a company email address - not your individual company email address. If your organization does not have one, create one (eg. before creating your account. This way the account is owned by the department not the individual. Should the individual leave the company and not leave the password then you may always reset the password using  the department email address.  Access  to all accounts is controlled by the email address.

Please note that your listing will not be visible to the public until it is reviewed.

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Listing Type

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Listings in this area include: Substance Use Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, Interventionists, Suboxone Physicians, Psychologists, Recovery Coaches, Peer Support Specialists, Sober Escorts, Addiction and Recovery Trainers, Mental Health Counselors, Addiction Preventionists

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Listings in this area include: Inpatient Residential Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Inpatient Detox, Methadone Treatment Programs, Suboxone Treatment Programs

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Listings in this area include: All inpatient programs (all settings) that are in compliance with the established standards for Dual Diagnosis Enhanced Co-occurring Treatment Programs and have documented Fidelity Scores.

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Listings in this area include: Short and Longterm Recovery Residences, Sober Homes. Paid listings must conform to NARR Standards  (National Association of Recovery Residences).

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Listings in this area include: All Addiction and Recovery Resources that are available to the community for free. Examples are: Non Profit Associations, Area Recovery Community Organizations, Harm Reduction Programs, Legal Services, Homeless Shelters, Medical and Dental Services.

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Listings in this area include: All business (vendors) that provide services or products to Addiction Prevention, Addiction Treatment and Recovery Organizations.

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