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Chooper's Guide offers a Robust Banner Display Advertising Module

Run with the Herd or Lead the Pack


We have a few ideas on how you will get the best return. Email us and we will arrange a time to review your objectives and help you get started. Technically challenged or just flat out, we will load and launch your banner at no charge.

We offer the following types of Display Banners:

File types supported: SWF, GIF, JPEG, PNG. File Size 400 KB.

  • Top  480x60
  • Bottom 468x 60
  • Featured 180x150
  • Sponsored 180x100

The Display Banners can be strategically placed in the following areas and can be assigned a Category so it shows up in search results and enhances your SEO.

  • General Pages
  • Listing - All modules
  • Event
  • Article
  • Chooper-pedia
  • Global

Display Banner Pricing - We offer two methods to Order

Order by annual subscription.

  • Top: $1000.00 per year
  • Bottom: $600.00 per year
  • Featured: $750.00 per year
  • Sponsored Links: $300.00 per year

Order by Number of impressions - You Customize Your Order

  • Top: $100.00 each 1000 impressions block
  • Bottom: $40.00 each 1000 impressions block
  • Featured: $50.00 each 1000 impressions block
  • Sponsored Links: $25.00 each 1000 impressions block

Other Features

Open in New Window: Do you want hem to stay on the page where you are advertising or redirect to a different site?

Show By Script Code: Allow script to be entered instead of an image. This field allows you to paste in script that will be used to display the banner from an affiliate program or external banner system. 

Destination Url (http:, https:, FTP): Redirect to the URL of your choice

Display Url: This field is optional.

Caption: 25 Characters

Traffic Monitor: Your account control panel has a traffic monitor so you can keep tabs on how your AD is doing.