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Burlington Labs
Committed to Serving the Addiction Treatment and Recovery Communities

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Burlington Labs - Specializing in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

 Partnering with Burlington Labs means:

  • Working with professionals who care about supporting your treatment programs.
  • Superior Drug Testing
  • Customized Testing
  • Easy Access to Lab Results
  • On-Site, State-of-the-Art Confirmations
  • Collection Centers and On-Site Collections
  • Live Customer Service Support
  • Community Support
  • Fast Turnaround Times

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Burlington Labs Supports Recovery

Our History

In 2006, co-founders Michael and Jodie Casarico were working on the front lines of human services and addiction treatment. As a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Coordinator (LADC), Michael worked as a probation officer. Together, Michael and Jodie also established, singularly funded and managed a sober house.

At Burlington Labs, we believe that recovery works. Participants in recovery programs are on the road to greater opportunities and healthier choices. We know that effective, compassionate and client-focused drug testing can be a great support for treatment programs.

The Casaricos built Burlington Labs to reflect the vision that treatment can be more effectively delivered when supported by outstanding drug testing. In the fall of 2013, the Casaricos purchased the Massachusetts drug testing lab Clinigen, Inc. with the passion to provide the same level of service to the people of Massachusetts. Together they lead their team in providing high quality, rapid drug testing and associated support to the recovery community.

At Burlington Labs, we understand that the integrity of our work and our passion for recovery affects your end product. We listen to what is important to you and we tailor our services to meet your needs.

About Us

Burlington Labs is a clinical drug testing laboratory. However, we are more than "just" a toxicology lab. We see ourselves as an integral part of the recovery community, combining top-quality science with a unique focus on substance abuse treatment and recovery. 


The company’s founders, Michael and Jodie Casarico, come from the front lines of addiction treatment. Michael has a background as a drug court coordinator and probation officer, and still holds his license as an alcohol and drug counselor (LADC). Jodie has worked in a coaching capacity with individuals in recovery. Together, the Casaricos established, funded and managed a sober house. Michael also has two decades of personal experience in recovery.


In 2006, while working as a probation officer, a false-positive drug test landed one of Michael’s clients in jail for two weeks. Recognizing what a setback and an injustice this was – separating this man from his job, his family, and his recovery community while the science caught up – the Casaricos cashed in their savings and founded Burlington Labs with the vision that compassionate, fast-turnaround drug testing could be a powerful tool in successful treatment and recovery.


With no employees and one desktop analyzer, the Casaricos personally collected the specimens, ran the drug tests, reviewed the results, created the reports and billed insurance companies. Today, Michael and Jodie’s strong partnership remains at the heart of Burlington Labs’ daily operations, based on singular focus on a solid mission.  Burlington Labs now has more than 135 employees spread across 7 states. The company’s top-notch science and customer service teams deliver fast, reliable drug testing results that support thousands of brave men and women in recovery across the country.


All of Burlington Labs’ employees share a commitment to improving treatment outcomes through our work. Many also share Michael Casarico’s personal journey in recovery. Our tagline, “We Understand Treatment,” reflects the backgrounds of our founders, as well as the compassion felt by all of our employees for individuals in recovery and the hardworking treatment providers who help them.


As part of our mission to support overall health, we proudly give back to the communities we serve. We donate at least 10% of our pre-tax profits to organizations that support healthy bodies, healthy families, and healthy lives. Since our first year, Burlington Labs has given more than $450,000 to causes supporting personal growth and healthy communities.


At Burlington Labs, we believe that recovery works. Participants in recovery programs are on the road to greater opportunities and healthier choices. We know that outstanding client-focused drug testing can guide providers in delivering the most effective treatment, and help keep individuals on the sober path.

  • We Help Save Lives!

  • We partner with the prevention, treatment and recovery communities to impact, inspire and save lives.

  • We Help Build Community!

  • We are dedicated to building community through our volunteer and financial support.

  • We Help People Grow and Live Healthier!

  • We support the personal growth and health of the people we serve and every member of our team.

  • We operate the company in a financially sustainable manner and are dedicated to delivering long-term value to all our stakeholders including our employees and the communities we serve.

Who We Serve

We care about individuals in recovery, and we serve all of the providers who work with them

Drug Treatment Centers & Counselors

We work with in-patient and out-patient facilities. While the provider is our customer, we also place a lot of emphasis on making our services work better for the end customer - the donor/patient. Services like our walk-in collections centers and our Color Line program not only offer you turn-key convenience, but also build in accountability measures for people in recovery.  


Drug Courts & Probation/Parole Officers

Drug testing allows you to hold your clients responsible for their behavior. We use top-quality scientific methods to deliver you reliable information, and we're here to help you interpret those results when you need further explanation. We're also committed to helping offenders become productive citizens, so we're very supportive of drug court and treatment court diversion programs.

Hospitals & Doctors

The prescription a doctor writes today could contribute to an addiction problem tomorrow. We can work with you to help ensure that your patients are taking their medication as directed, rather than selling it to others or taking more than the recommended dose, perhaps with the aid of multiple prescriptions. We applaud all medical providers who are conscious of, and working hard to stop, the prescription drug addiction crisis in our country, and we're here to help.

Screens & Confirmations

We understand that when it comes to drug treatment, every case is different. So we empower you with options. We offer several drug testing methods for initial screening, including immunoassay urine testing and oral fluid swabbing. You can also choose to test for one drug, a complete panel, or a custom mix that’s tailored for your patient.

Immunoassay Urine Testing

Our EIA screening for drugs in urine is highly accurate and allows for rapid results reporting. If your urine sample reaches our laboratory by 3 p.m. EST, you’ll receive your results that same day.

All of our urine tests also screen for common adulterants, such as commercially available “flush kits” used by someone trying to beat a drug test. Our drug testing results include data on creatinine levels, pH levels, specific gravity and general oxidant, which can help you recognize when someone might be trying to beat a drug test by diluting or substituting urine.

Oral Fluid Testing

Oral fluid testing is an easy, noninvasive drug testing method that doesn’t require gender-specific personnel for specimen collection. However, there is a shorter detection window and a limited amount of sample.

Oral fluid testing indicates what drugs are currently active in the body. Most of the time oral fluid has only parent compounds, which, unlike metabolites, yield a dramatically shorter detection window. Oral fluid can give us hours of information, where urine can give us days of information.

Sometimes oral fluid testing is used as a replacement for urine testing, but it is not a direct comparison.

Directed Analysis (aka "Confirmations")

A lot can ride on the results of a drug screen, from a person’s employment status, to whether children can remain with their parents. When it comes to interpreting those results, you want to be absolutely sure. And when an initial screen comes back positive, you may find you have even more questions than before. This is where directed analysis, commonly known as “confirmation testing,” can be incredibly helpful.

Initial screens don’t always tell you exactly what drug is in urine. Sometimes they suggest the presence of a “class” of drugs. Screens also don’t show if the drug metabolites are present in the urine sample, which would prove that a particular medication is being taken as prescribed.

A confirmation test is a secondary analysis performed on the same specimen using completely different technology than the initial method. It is used to confirm the presence of a drug, or further pinpoint which drug made the initial result positive.

We perform targeted extractions on most of our samples instead of a “dilute and shoot” analysis. This provides a cleaner sample that has optimized the withdrawal of the drug out of the urine. The cleaner the sample, the better the instrument can see it, and the more confident you can be in the identification of the drug and its quantitation.

These directed analyses may also be performed on analytes for which an immunoassay screen is not available.

Our assays are performed by both GC/MS and LC/MS/MS technology. These two techniques are considered the gold standard of the toxicology industry.

Confirmations are excellent for:


  • When a person tests positive for a “family of drugs,” such as opiates, confirmation testing can help pinpoint which drug triggered the positive result. This is a great tool for when a donor/patient is taking oxycodone and has a positive result for opiates. You may have questions about whether the prescribed oxycodone caused the positive opiate result. Confirmation testing can help identify if there are any other reasons why that individual might have tested positive.

  • When you want to be absolutely sure a drug is present, a confirmation test will employ a different method of testing than the initial screen. Also, in many cases, the cutoff numbers for confirmation testing are lower than the initial screen cutoffs, making the test more sensitive. Confirmation tests are often completed when any results might be used as evidence in court.

  • When you want to eliminate environmental factors as a possible cause of a positive result, confirmation testing can give more detailed information. For example, if the donor/patient claims that they tested positive because they were at a party over the weekend with exposure to marijuana smoke, a confirmation test will be able to conclude whether the initial positive result was from exposure or consumption.

  • When you want to be sure that prescribed medication is being taken appropriately, confirmatory testing can help to establish a pattern of use. This is helpful information for patients in pain management programs who are taking prescribed painkillers like oxycodone and hydromorphone. It is also essential for patients in drug replacement therapy programs, using prescription medications like buprenorphine, suboxone or subutex.