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A-fordable Billing Solution

Phone Number

view phone(626) 372-4550


133 N. Altadena Drive Suite 401 Pasadena, California, United States 91107

Company Representative:

Jeff Schlund

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A-Fordable Billing Solution is the comprehensive provider of insurance billing services to the behavioral healthcare community.


A-fordable Billing Solution brings together the best in human resources, software, medicine and technology, making us one of the most efficient medical billing companies. Our team members have a combined experience of over 30 years in the mental health and substance abuse fields, and our client relation teams work closely with you to ensure you have the very best experience possible.


We are here to enforce the legal obligation of insurance companies to provide medically necessary care, and protect the rights of patients and those who treat them.


From our detailed eligibility summaries and powerful utilization support, to the individualized care of our unprecedented Family Advocacy Department, we are dedicated to supporting the viability of treatment facilities nationwide.