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Magnolia New Beginnings

City: Marblehead

State: Massachusetts

Phone: 855-95-RECOVER

Web URL:


Magnolia New Beginnings, Inc. is dedicated to advocating for those with a substance use disorder, creating educational opportunities to inform and raise awareness about substance abuse, and supporting individuals and their families in the process of seeking recovery, maintaining sobriety, and reaching their highest potential through a new beginning.

What Do We Do?

  • Education and Advocacy:  In an effort to advocate as well as educate the local community on the dangers of substance abuse, particularly opioids, and create an awareness of the disease of addiction we speak at and attend various local community events and disseminate information relative to addiction awareness and where assistance is available both in person and online. We are a source of information on prevention, resources for treatment options, and support  during the process of finding the appropriate care. We do this by creating and maintaining information on available resources.


  • Supporting persons with a substance use disorder and their families in recovery: Many of those in active addiction have exhausted their family’s financial and emotional resources. They often enter treatment with only the clothes on their back. Families are steered toward support groups that can help them support instead of enable their family member. Those seeking recovery are given access to transportation to treatment facilities.  Families are given access to an online network of support of parents in similar situations across the country.  Grief support groups, both online and with monthly meetings, are listed and assistance in creating a support group is available.


  • Helping those in recovery maintain their sobriety: Often when a person leaves an inpatient program they find they have nowhere to go except back to the very places their addiction took root.  We strive to help in that process by providing assistance entering approved sober living communities, with deposits or portions of deposits toward rent, who otherwise would not be able to afford these healthier living arrangements until they are able to secure employment and provide for themselves. Recipients are expected to prove financial eligibility as well as act as mentors to others in return for this assistance. (Funds are limited and have specific criteria)


  • Helping  those affected by a substance use disorder reach their highest potential: Recovering individuals will be given assistance in furthering their education and or help with establishing themselves in productive enterprises after leaving treatment through financial assistance and mentorships and classes which can be helpful in maintianing sobriety.

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