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Addiction Products and Services

VENDORS play a critical role in the collaborative success and advancement of substance abuse and addiction treatment, intervention and prevention.

Collectively, they bring to the table new innovations in treatment technologies (think hyperbaric chambers to regenerate brain cells, for example); pharmaceuticals to treat cravings; nutritional supplements to enhance neural network healing; research institutes studying the role of genetics (can we figure out how to turn genes on and off to help with treatment protocols, for example); drug testing innovations to help with long-term recovery success … the list goes on and on.

Chooper’s Guide is all about sharing information and we've created this section to provide a platform whereby our industry’s vendors can feature their products and services. This, in turn, helps all of us – alcohol and drug rehab centers, interventionists, drug counselors, criminal justice professionals, conference providers and the scores of other industry experts – stay abreast of industry innovations and find the vendors with whom to partner in order to expand and/or improve their service offerings.

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Please note:  Pharmaceutical Companies that manufacture or distribute addictive substances other than medications that are used routinely in addiction treatment will not be approved.