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Chooper’s Guide’s standing as the Internet’s most comprehensive substance abuse treatment, prevention and intervention resource directory is the result of three things:

  • our commitment to the Chooper’s Guide Philosophy on Drug Addiction and Alcoholism
  • our decision to invest in an application that allows optimized search and comparison capabilities, including scores of keywords, categories and location options
  • our decision to accept only licensed, certified and/or accurately represented PROVIDERS in one or more of the following sections on the Chooper’s Guide site: Treatment Programs; Addiction Professionals; Recovery Residences; Co-occurring Disorders

How It Works
Each qualified provider vetted by Chooper’s Guide is entitled to a FREE standard listing. Providers wanting to expand their presence on the Chooper’s site, and thereby to their potential clients, may choose from one of Chooper’s Expanded Listing options. To learn more about Expanded Listing options, visit our get listed page.

We will be adding a listing level comparison table for each listing type to enable you to determine the which level best suits your advertising needs. This will be added by August 15, 2013.







Once you have determined the listing level you prefer, select "Get Listed" from the links above to complete the online listing form.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 772-321-0622/207-841-6356 or send us an email at


Accuracy of Treatment Provider Information and Services Provided
Chooper's Guide is committed to safeguarding: The credibility of this web site and the Substance Abuse industry as a whole and protecting the individual seeking treatment.

We have established a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for misrepresentation of any listing information. Chooper's Guide reserves the right to suspend or deactivate a listing for any infraction of this policy.

* Halfway Houses and Sober House Listings may not be subject to licensing restrictions, depending on their location, and are eligible for listing provided that they select the "non-licensed" checkbox upon registration.