Chooper's Guide ... the Internet's most comprehensive substance abuse treatment, prevention and intervention resource directory.


As you may have read in the Chooper’s story, Chooper’s Guide has become the internet’s most comprehensive substance abuse treatment, prevention, iterventionist and recovery resource directory. Our primary objective was to build a world class database using scalable state of the art technology and standardized data collection practices to  help the addiction treatment industry establish a global uniform addiction treatment and information resource repository. Our primary mission is to save lives.

Our Objectives were and continue to be simple:

  • Expedite the referral and placement process of individuals in need of substance abuse treatment by creating a data warehouse of existing accredited facilities and treatment professionals that is easily accessed in a variety of ways – ways that ‘think’ like the user, not like the site builder, thanks to our Find Treatment construction criteria.
  • Increase drug and alcohol treatment referral options.
  • Help the family members and friends as an important group in and of themselves – a group that needs information they can use and understand immediately.
  • Increase the accuracy of matching referrals to substance abuse treatment facilities and addiction treatment and addiction treatment professionals.
  • Positively impact substance abuse treatment outcomes by facilitating accurate matches.
  • Provide information and resources to the Harm Reduction Community.
  • Elevate awareness of addiction as a disease to impact drug policy.
  • Provide support to the Addiction Recovery Community and the Recovery Movement.
  • Get the drug addict and alcoholic off the street and into treatment quickly.
  • Save Lives!

The Groups We Serve include:

  • The Individual seeking recovery
  • The Addiction Recovery Community
  • The Substance Abuse Treatment Community
  • The Families and Friends of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts
  • The Criminal Justice System
  • The Medical Community