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We are both pleased and humbled by the comments we have received on Choopers Guide. 
Thank You!
Thank u for this . . . I just found and entered a treatment program . . . within minutes after reading about your site in the "In the Rooms'" Newsletter!!
FrankTank wrote:  This looks like a great website.
I've had to use the government site before to help a friend find an addiction treatment center and I just tested out this site and it's a whole lot better, easier, and faster to use. That advanced search makes it really easy to find an addiction center or addiction counselor that meets an addict's specific needs.

Hopefully I won't have to help somebody again but if I did I could start here. I'm glad somebody's doing this. Congrats! Looks awesome. There's no point in putting people in jail if they can deal with addiction and become productive again.
Gomez423 wrote: There are all kinds of help for those suffering from addictions.
The main and only problem is, the person who has the addiction.

The person must WANT to change their way of life.
Must want it more than it wants the next drink, drug, pizza, etc.

I applaud these guys for doing this.
Any opportunity for someone to get better is a good one.  
wdwd5151 wrote: what a great idea and what better people are their for addiction counselors than those who have been there and done that good work guys 
Dessy101 wrote: THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA!! There are so many people in this state with ADDICTION issues, and people who don't have those issues don't want to believe that there are so many of them out there....NOT EVERYONE who is an addict is a BAD person!!! They just have a DISEASE in their brain, which they CAN overcome!!!!!! I hope people take advantage of this site to HELP themselves or others!! I love it!! GREAT JOB guys!!!
debbie_burke -
I hope its ok that I posted this on facebook. There are a lot of people out there looking and loved ones of people looking for help!!! Thank you for compiling this guide!! What an ingenious idea, who would have thought two addicts and alcoholics could come up with such an idea. I am in recovery and struggled for years to get help and almost died before I could get treatment!! Wish this would've been around in 1996, I got sober in 1997 but not without much pain and agony!!! Thank you for your great minds!!!!
toni_simonsn -
This is a blessing! Im going to check this out and forward it to the McShin Foundation. A Recovery Community Organization in Richmond VA. That saved my life. Thank You and God Bless!
tominoakcliff -
I just pulled it up and bookmarked it. This is sooo good. Thank you and I'll pass your site on to everyone I know who can use this information. Churches, synagogues, you name it. Thanks again. God bless you both and everyone working for this good.
linda_jeanne -
lulusmoke20 -
mwjean -
I see you have no rehab centres registered in South Africa, as I live here as a recovering alcoholic, I think your site would be of great interest in this country.
liveangel -
What a great idea. I will spread the word to everyone I can. Thank you for working so hard and giving of yourselves. God bless you both