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Partner | Adrian S. Hooper

Adrian HooperAdrian S. Hooper, Jr.  Co-founder

Adrian- 1974Antigua, 1974

Adrian is the co-founding partner of Chooper’s Guide; A global addiction treatment and informational resource.

In addition to his work on Chooper’s Guide, Adrian is currently a consultant to criminal defense teams on substance-related capital murder cases, bringing awareness to the often tragic implications of untreated substance abuse and mental health issues in indigent defendants.

In the fall of 1969, at the age of 18, he got a job on a sailboat going from Maine to the West Indies to do the Charter boat circut, then another sailboat that he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to the United Kingdom then on to the Mediterranean. He has been around the world twice; once traveling from west to east, then from east to west.

For 18 years he crewed then captained privately owned sailing yachts, and traveled extensively throughout the world. He has lived in Bali, Indonesia; the U.S. Virgin Islands; St. Bart’s and Antigua. In addition to his extensive experience in ocean sailing and navigation, he has engaged in many entrepreneurial endeavors, including the import business, a restaurant in the Virgin Islands, a small chain of restaurants in Pennsylvania, and selling and developing large tracts of real estate in North Carolina and Maryland. He was a partner, builder and designer of Osprey Point Yacht Club and Gratitude Marina, two highly successful marinas on the Chesapeake Bay, and has also been a hospice volunteer, and a board member of The Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia and an independent film company located in Los angelas, CA.

Adrian has witnessed and experienced, first-hand, some of the world’s most draconian drug policies in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Columbia.  Through his travels and current work in the criminal justice system, Adrian believes the U.S. lead war on drugs and our present drug sentencing policies are misguided and perpetuate the problem. Therefore, he is a very strong supporter of drug policy reform, believing that treatment is often a better alternative than incarceration on both an individual and societal level, and from a humanitarian as well as an economic perspective.

Adrian Hooper and Timothy Cheney, were the recipients of the C4 Recovery Solutions Frederick French Award of Excellence at the 2015 Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders.

Adrian now lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife and 2 teenaged step-sons.