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About Chooper's Guide

The concept of Chooper's Guide was born on a Saturday afternoon in August 2009 on Pemaquid Beach in New Harbor, Maine. Two guys (Tim Cheney and Adrian Hooper), who collectively had been in over 45 substance abuse treatment centers, mental hospitals and detox programs for alcoholism and drug addiction during their former lives, decided that too many drug addicts and alcoholics die or their disease progresses because:

  • they can't find a bed in a local detox
  • they are misdiagnosed
  • they can't find the right rehab center offering their type of treatment
  • their co-occurring mental illness is not treated concurrently with their addiction
  • they are given inappropriate referrals by clinicians, medical personnel and other addiction professionals
  • they face a host of other roadblocks placed in their paths by the social stigma and shame associated with the disease of addiction

“How?” “Why?” you may ask.

Sadly, it boils down to the fact that a website of easily accessible, complete, reliable information simply is not/was not available.

So, Cheney and Hooper decided to build one – not just as a comprehensive resource guide offering information on substance abuse treatment centers – but one that also included the latest in addiction-related research, information specifically for family members and friends, and a database of addiction professionals organized in a way to help visitors easily find the professional they needed, whether it was a drug and alcohol counselor, an eating disorder specialist, a dual diagnosis expert or an interventionist, to name but a few.

But they didn’t stop there. Cheney and Hooper recognized that one of the keys to a substance abuse treatment center and/or an addiction professional’s success is their ability to access the latest advances in research, products and services in order to better treat their clients. So, Cheney and Hooper added sections to the site for what they like to call the infrastructure builders – the Vendors and Events.

The site’s most recent addition is Choo*per*pedia – a wiki for all things addiction, that will be built by and for people who suffer from, treat, are touched by, influence public policy for, sponsor educational conferences about, research, or in some way are involved with substance abuse and/or the brain disease of addiction.

CHeney + HOOPER named their site, CHOOPER’S GUIDE. They are excited to report that the site’s SEO rankings demonstrate that Chooper’s Guide is doing what they’d set out to do – meet the needs of the addiction community and those whose lives intersect with it.

Today, four years after that meeting of the minds on Pemaquid Beach in New Harbor, Maine, Chooper’s Guide’s has established itself as the Internet’s most comprehensive substance abuse treatment, prevention and intervention resource directory with over 43,000 addiction treatment provider listings in the United States, Canada and Europe.