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Overdose Warning Network

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The Overdose Warning Network – OWN 




Chooper's Guide and The Choopers Foundation are pleased to announce the release of our new Mobile (IOS & Android) / Desktop APP - OWN. This is the first realtime overdose incident reporting system of its kind. It provides a platform to enter and track overdose incidents for first responders as well as an epidemiological tool for assessing incidence and prevalence of opioid substance use.

OWN is the first mobile and desktop application for first responders to enter overdose incident data. It will have one data repository that will store opioid overdose incident data which will serve as an epidemiological indicator to provide incidence and prevalence data on opioid overdose data on local, state and national levels. It will be licensed by city/town and keyed by state /town.

The Overdose Warning Network was developed for First Responders including law enforcement, Hospital, Fire and EMS personnel and other individuals administering Naloxone in an opioid overdose event. It is also available for Android and iPhone. Download links for mobile Apps coming before Christmas.


  • To provide a real time platform to track the incidence and prevalence of opioid overdoses by location and the sociodemographics of the population.
  • To provide data for prevention and treatment capacity planning
  • To serve as an early warning system to alert healthcare, law enforcement, policy makers and citizens.
  • To provide a reliable data source for prevention and treatment budgeting
  • To provide a big data resource for research.
  • To provide reliable, real time data sets utilizing uniform data collection methods to inform public policy and legislation

 Comprehensive Overdose Incidence Reports:

  • Zipcode
  • State
  • County
  • City
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age
  • PrimarySubstance
  • Secondary Substance(s)
  • Intervention Type
  • Intervention Outcome
  • Custom Reports (up to eight items)
  • Overdose Incidence Heat Map
  • Export Tools - CSV

Coming Soon! - January 2017

This new APP soon will be able to notifiy Law Enforcement, Medical and Emergency Personnel when overdoses occur in their town, city or state through a push notification alert. First Responders, Prevention and Treatment Personnel and policy makers no longer have wait for data .

Heat Map Incident Level Drill Down  with Street Level | Push Notifications by State or City
Canada | United Kingdom | Provider Type (Law Enforcement, EMS, Family , etc.)        
Naloxone Route of Administration | Number of Naloxone Doses & Total Dosage Administered

Basic membership is free which includes incident reporting and incident location data by city and primary substance. There is no charge for overdose alerts. Subscription prices are based upon population and can be purchased by Organization (e.g. Police Department, EMS, etc.) City or by State. If more than one City Department will be generating reports then register as a City as the cost basis is determined by population of your City.
We have added a Membership Price Calculator for your convenience. 


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