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Pacific Coast Detox


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536 Hamilton Street Costa Mesa, California, United States 92627

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Program Narrative

Pacific Coast Detox is a premiere alcohol and drug detox center in Costa Mesa California located in Orange County. Our primary focus to to meet the needs of our clients and their families offering clinical detoxification treatment to men and women in gender specific housing seeking substance abuse.

Program Description

Pacific Coast Detox Drug & Alcohol Detox Center 

Offers residential alcohol and drug detox facilities for men and women staffed by highly regarded treatment professionals, therapists and others from across the recovery community in Southern California.

Our California detox facilities are here for you or a loved one in need of drug and alcohol detoxification and stabilization. Our experienced and dedicated staff offer detox and stabilization services in a safe and home-like environment.

We provide a highly personalized level of care, catering to the individual needs of each client to prepare them to engage in their own treatment. Men and women face different and unique challenges when dealing with addiction recovery.

We offer gender specific housing in at Pacific Coast Detox in Costa Mesa, California. Three houses altogether with one exclusively female and two exclusively male. At Pacific Coast Detox we offer affordable payment options and accept most insurance plans. We are committed to working with each client to find a financial solution that makes sense while participating in a detoxification process from either alcohol or a drug detox.


Pacific Coast Detox’s Mission is to provide our clients with the best comprehensive substance abuse detoxification services available to men and women.  Nearly 70% of people entering addiction treatment have a mental health issue. Our goal at Pacific Coast Detox is then to stabilize each client to a point where they can participate, and be prepared physically and mentally, in their treatment.

Our substance abuse detox is based on proven addiction treatment methods, including strategies and principles that encourage the quality of life. It is through our addiction treatment professionals, counselors, and coordinators that our experience and expertise with each client will help encourage trust and the values associated with the addiction recovery process.

Pacific Coast Detox is a Fully Licensed Detox & Stabilization Facility in Costa Mesa, CA

Pacific Coast Detox offers the opportunity for men and women to detox and withdraw from their alcohol and drug dependency in a comfortable and safe setting. Licensed by the State of California, Pacific Coast Detox’s staff offers services that will decrease or diminish the side effects of alcohol and drug withdrawal. Pacific Coast Detox is more than capable of helping the most severe addiction situations, so we encourage you to seek help immediately if you feel you have an addiction issue.

What can you do at Pacific Coast Detox for our clients?

If you or a loved one is in need of a drug or alcohol detox, call Pacific Coast Detox today! We are available 24 hours a day and located right in Orange County, California. After calling our facility and verifying insurance or other options available for clients and their families, the next step is admissions to our detox centers and into a new life in recovery free from alcohol or other abusing drugs.  


Director Profile

Jeff Holbrook is the Executive Director of Pacific Coast Detox. With more than twenty seven years working in the field of addictions treatment, including individual and group addictions counseling, managing and administering several residential and outpatient programs for people with alcohol and other drug dependencies, Jeff also brings his in depth knowledge in the field of alcohol and drug intervention services to Pacific Coast Detox.

Jeff comes to Pacific Coast Detox with certifications from boards and universities including: the University at Utah Graduate School of Social Work, where he received an Alcohol/Drug Treatment Certificate; the Idaho Board of Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselors, where he received a certification as an Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor; the International Reciprocity Consortium, where he received an International Certified Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor.

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Medical and Detox Services

Alcohol Detoxification

Heroin Detox

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