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Choopers Guide | Addiction Treatment



Choopers Guide is the internet’s most comprehensive addiction, treatment, recovery and advocacy resource directory.

We are a global, membership driven site where addiction professionals, treatment facilities, recovery residences, recovery community resources  and vendors can showcase their  services by creating and maintaining their own profiles complete with photos, videos and attached documents, allowing them to be easily found by users seeking help.

We also offer keyword, category, location and text search capabilities with treatment provider comparison tools.  We post the latest industry articles and research, and provide event listings; social justice issues; drug policy reform; harm reduction; and addiction advocacy..  We also have a recovery store, a recovery meeting location search tool, and more.

Take advantage of a free listing, or our fee based listings that are offered at a considerable discount for C4 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Our objectives are to:

  • Provide resources to the addiction treatment and recovery communities.
  • Elevate awareness of addiction as a chronic healthcare issue.
  • Combat discrimination against the afflicted and promote social justice and policy reform.
  • Expedite the referral and placement process of individuals in need of treatment.
  • Increase drug and alcohol treatment referral options.
  • Help the family members and friends understand addiction, treatment and the recovery process..
  • Increase the accuracy of matching referrals to substance  use treatment facilities and addiction treatment professionals.
  • Positively impact substance abuse treatment outcomes by facilitating accurate matches.
  • Get the addict and alcoholic off the street and into treatment quickly.
  • Save Lives!

The Groups We Serve include:

  • The Individual seeking recovery
  • The Addiction Recovery Community
  • The Substance Abuse Treatment Community
  • The Families and Friends of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts
  • The Criminal Justice System
  • The Medical Community


  • We believe that alcoholism and drug addiction are biopsychosocial disorders.
  • We believe that addiction is a brain disease.
  • We believe that the disease of addiction (whether it is an addiction to alcohol or prescription or illegal drugs) is treatable.
  • We believe that not only is recovery is possible, it is a reality.
  • We believe in equal access to treatment and that there is no “one” or “right” way to do treatment.
  • We believe that medication can be a crucial factor in treatment and in recovery.
  • We that the dogma and intolerance of 12 step organizations towards medication assisted recovery is in direct conflict with the spiritual context of their origin and is a causal factor in relapse and death.
  • We believe that  alcoholism and drug addiction are medical not moral or legal problems.
  • We believe that the drug war was ill conceived, that it has failed and that it is one of the greatestsocial justice issues of this century.
  • We believe that the stigma society attaches to alcoholism and drug addiction perpetuates and escalates the problem.
  • We believe that the language used in treatment and recovery promulgates stigma and discrimination.
  • We believe that alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic diseases and those afflicted should be treated with the same level of care and dignity as those with other chronic diseases, eg., diabetes or hypertension.
  • We believe that understanding the five key risk factors for developing the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction (genetics, social environment, childhood trauma, mental illness and early use) is critical.
  • We believe that inappropriate referrals result in higher recidivism rates.
  • We believe that no one should have to die from alcoholism and drug addiction.





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Chooper's Guide is the most comprehensive global online addiction treatment and information resource on the internet.