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12-Step & Recovery Support Meetings

The Elevator is Broken

Please Take The Steps


"Addiction is a chronic often relapsing brain disease" and sustained recovery requires constant vigilance and support".

This section contains links to 12 Step and Recovery Meeting resources for:

  • Alcoholism

  • Drug Addiction                                    

  • Eating Disorders

  • Gambling Addiction

  • Sex Addiction

  • Family & Friends Support Groups


There are over 40 anonymous programs that use the 12 Steps as a foundation and many more that have partially patterned themselves after the 12 Step model.  We have chosen to list the more established programs. We believe that Recovery is a reality and that there are many paths.

Individual Recovery - Addiction & Alcoholism Self Help Meetings

AA Logo   Narcotics Anonymous Meetings   Cocaine Anonymous   Smart Recovery Meetings   Crystal Meth Anonymous Meetings - Choopersguide

Alcoholics Anonymous


Narcotics Anonymous


 Cocaine Anonymous


 Smart  Recovery

  Crystal Meth Anonymous

 Family, Friends & Individual Recovery Support Resources

Al Anon   Naranon Meetings    Adult Children of Alcoholics        





Adult Children of Alcoholics


Co-Dependents Anonymous



Other Addictions & Online Meeting Resources

Gamblers Anonymous Meetings   Overesters Anonymous Meetings   Sex and Love Addictions Anonymous Meetings        

 Gamblers Anonymous


 Overeaters  Anonymous


Sex and Love Addiction Anonymous